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Vacation 2005
Vacation 2005

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You can touch and interact with the ring magnets as they fly...


...and modulate their speed electronically.

When D.I.Y. Gets Epic...

Assemble this anti-gravity-like magnet launcher for your desk, and you'll take do-it-yourself to a whole new level. Its random motion is generated by electromagnetic pulses, so it is a great demonstration of physics.

The kit includes everything you need: twin 5 ohm coil electromagnets, pulsewidth modulator, power supply, ring and pump magnets, paintable wood pieces, and PVC rod — as well as clear, well-illustrated directions in PDF or paper form.

Kit: $60.00

Shipping: $10.00

E-Mail Roger or Call (585) 338-7001 to Order Yours Now!



Ready-Made Fuzzy Physics

Short on time? Enjoy the complex interplay of Flying Magnets' forces —without taking out your soldering iron — by ordering a ready-to-go assembled launcher. You'll receive a painted unit in red, green, purple, orange, blue, yellow or black, or a finished hardwood unit in Cherry, Padauk or Blood wood that would be perfect for an office environment. (Specify color in your order).


Assembled Kit (Painted): $80.00

Assembled Kit (Stained): $100.00

Shipping: $10.00

E-Mail Roger or Call (585) 338-7001 to Order Yours Now!



The Joy of Chaos: Free Custom Colors

When you order your kit or ready made unit, please specify which of these hand-painted custom colors you would like your sculpture to come in. Choose from (left to right) Rocket Red, Electric Blue, Planet Green, Orchid, or Classic Wood Finish.

E-Mail Roger or Call (585) 338-7001 to Order Yours Now!

Dear Friends,

I have always enjoyed designing chaos machines, and I often design related exhibits for science museums. One day, while I was working on the Animated Butterfly project, I got the idea for a new sculpture kit: one that would let you use two electromagnets to make an anti-gravity and random motion machine.

This exhibit is great for personal desktops, but it also works well for outreach programs and any public event where familes are present. All age groups are attracted -- from age 3 to age 70. Cats enjoy it, too! Because of its broad appeal, I now take it to all of my public events, and sell a museum-quality version designed to stand up to heavy wear by the public. (Inquire for more info).

I hope you enjoy the Newton's Flying Magnets sculpture as much as I enjoyed inventing it. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Roger Sonntag

General Science and Engineering

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